Renn Waffen

Racing Weapons

It's always been about the passion.

Originally, it was called "SS Motorsports", and it was a mobile modifying operation established in 2014. Only a handful of people received our services, and our operations had to be limited to very close friends and their friends. We didn't give up, and kept posting updates to our Facebook page. We didn't have a website, even though the domain was long registered. Some cars still sport the good ol' 'SS Motorsports" decal, but we are no longer associated with that name. Nowadays, RW is a passion project consisting of free-lancers associated with a number of other teams and projects, who possess grand ideas, but not such grand budgets. We are challenging ourselves each day to develop a car worthy of the "Racing Weapon" title, using clever engineering trickery and our past experiences- but without breaking the bank. Most important to us is the fact that we can build the cars for whatever series with our own hands and calculators. And if there are no series that will accept us- we will make one, as a token of our stubbornness.