Renn Waffen


RW Consists of freelancers- no contracts. At the end of the day, each individual has a passion and a dream of their own- and it is encouraged to pursue one's dreams and passions. The RW contributors are closely knit, and are always up for a challenge- regardless of the severity of the project. 


Suren SIMONyan, "CTM (Chief trouble-maker)"

"For me, this is a representation of my wild demands. For instance- one day, Rick mentioned that he did Pikes Peak, and after convincing Charlie that joining the team would be a good idea, I figured "why not?". I'm not interested in winning, or losing- I just want to have a good time with good people, building badass machines with our own two hands, and learning from our mistakes along the way."

Official Title: PPIHC Team Manager and Driver; Creative Director


CHARLIE TACCHI, "The SHopkeeper".

Charlie has yet to send me his introductory paragraph, so please be patient with him.

Official Title: Team Engineer and Composites Specialist.


RICk SCHUMACHER, "The Wrapmaster"

...oh yeah, Rick hasn't sent his' in, either. 

Official Title: Vinyl Specialist and PPIHC Guide.



"Ever since I could crawl and bawl, I've loved cars. Everything about an internal combustion engine works (or sometimes doesn't), how suspension components work together to keep the shiny side up, the smell of race fuel in the paddocks as racers prep their chariots for one of the best thrills in life, and let's not forget the sound of race pads howling and screeching as they are used and abused lap after lap as drivers search for that extra few tenths to shave off their lap get the point. Cars are my passion through and through. Whether they become fully electric, or whatever else the future holds in store for us; if it has four wheels, I will find a way to modify it and drive the crap out of it."

Official Title: Social Media and Merchandise Coordinator