Renn Waffen

Must Knows

We are by approved appointment only. 

Prior to even scheduling your appointment, we first prefer to get to know the potential customer. Once approved, an interview will be scheduled to meet with the potential customer, and learn more about exactly what they are looking to do with their cars. The interview is the final line of defense, and once all aspects have been covered, the car may be dropped off for the work to be performed. Keep in mind that we are very punctual about our time. Labor time and all rates will be presented once all diagnostics are completed. We practice a zero-tolerance policy for missed appointments, but we are not Nazis. If notified at least two hours prior, your next appointment will not be denied. By not appearing to your appointment, you are taking away an opportunity for a local business to service a customer. By cancelling responsibly, you allow us to notify the rest of the appointments of a schedule change, or even possibly help us make room for a new customer. 

Parts and Labor.

Most parts are in-stock, however some may need to be ordered. Labor costs depend on the task- simple oil changes, brake jobs, and various other maintenance items will cost you $95/hour, while more labor intensive work, such as electrical or minor fabrication, will cost you $115/hour. All electrical work requires a one-hour non-refundable deposit. Anything related to phantom noises or sounds will be restricted to a three-hour maximum of labor, while all electrical work is restricted to a five-hour maximum. No extra work will be performed without the authorization of the customer. Any extra hours for phantom noises or electrical work will result in a increase in labor rate to $125/hour. No changes in pricing will be made without the authorization of the customer. All additional issues will not be addressed without the authorization of the customer.

Long-term projects and storage.

Long term projects are cars that will take more than four weeks to complete, assuming all parts are present. We DO NOT accept more than 3 projects in a 5 month period. We do not like cars sitting around, and our goal is to finish the project in a timely manner, and to send it off to the soon-to-be happy customer. All cars requiring storage that are not long-term projects will be charged a $30/day fee. All cars requiring storage due to the customer's busy schedule will be charged a $45/day fee. The first day of storage is complimentary. Pick-ups are available M-F during working hours, and Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. by appointment only. 

No, we "can't just..."

We've received countless e-mails and questions from customers that contain those poisonous words in them- "can't you just...?" No, no we can't. If you want a "can't you just" job to be done, feel free to take your car over to the nearest Jiffy Lube, where an ASE certified tech will rotate your tires after you wait for an hour, and torque everything down with a torque stick. There is a reason why our appointments form is called "Appointment Application", as we simply do not have the time to deal with customers who don't appreciate quality work. We stand by our word, and we do our best to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.