Renn Waffen

Prep Packages

We offer a number of different packages for our customers, designed specifically for those who are looking to (safely) have that bit of extra fun with their cars. The process is quite simple- you browse what we offer, and decide on the package you would like to purchase. Then, you make an appointment here, and bring in your car. The rest will be history. 


Our S-Package was designed for enthusiasts looking to have an extra bit of fun on the canyons, or during the occasional HPDE. It's the most affordable, and the best value package we offer. Like the rest of our packages, there are three progressive options, and you decide how far you want to go. 



The focus here is changed more towards nailing the apex, rather than saving fuel. The car will still pass all of the require emissions test, however some will not find it as daily-friendly. The "R" in the "RS" stands for Race, and that alone should give you an idea of how far we will be going with this. 



The "S" is gone, and with it the Street component. The car is extensively modified to offer the driver the best performance on the track. Instead of a four-point roll bar that you get in the RS-package, the car will be outfitted with our in-house fabricated six-point cage, along with a lowered seat mount. Body panels are replaced with fiberglass components, with carbon-fiber remaining an option in the options list.