Renn Waffen



No egos, Just pure thrill.


Journey to Pikes Peak

Suren's 1990 Miata has been given a new lease on life- and the its job is to finish the race to the clouds. Pikes Peak's 14000+ ft is nothing to laugh about, and many people have suffered catastrophic consequences from just one tiny mistake. The peak can get the best of drivers, and it goes without saying that this is a very ambitious project that RW is going to have to really give it their all to prepare for. The goal is two-fold; to get to the top in one piece, and to challenge ourselves as builders to present a car that not only is reliable and safe, but is also competitive with the rest of the field. The project will be documented by our sister project, "That Automotive Blog". 



The goal is simple- build a stupid fast car that sends way too much power to the rear wheels, and have it slide around and collect points from judges. Whether or not this will happen depends entirely on the future of RW, however drifting is something that we would love to dabble in. 


Rally ventures 2022/2023

Then there is the wonderful field of rally, a legendary sport that houses arguablythe best drivers in the automotive history. Our own Rick Schumacher has spent many years rallying his 2.5RS, taking podiums and trophies in a very competitive car. Nowadays, Rick is looking to get back into rallying- however for this, he will need a true weapon.