Renn Waffen

What is the "Togue Challenge"?

The "Renn Waffen - Togue Challenge" is the ultimate test for your car's performance in the most unpredictable environment. Races are held every other weekend in various mountain passes of California and Oregon. Inspired by a similar challenge hosted by a Japanese show "Best Motoring", the aim is to set the cars in a very dangerous environment, and see how well teams can adapt the car's suspension and power to the conditions, given the varying road conditions. While all cars will be distributed by class, do not expect a 140 hp car to lose to a 300 hp one. The three classes are street, modified, and race. Cars are classed based on their primary use- cars with full interiors and no modifications to the emissions systems will be assigned to the "street" class, while cars that are otherwise to be kept off of CA highways will find themselves in the "race" class. "Modified" class is for cars with modifications that meet the local standards, and may still be driven on the road. Cars in the "modified" class MUST retain all safety features that the car came with from the factory. All of the details and exceptions to the rules pertaining to classes can be found here.